Word for March, 2018

I hear the Lord saying that spring is coming. And I hear the Lord saying to each one of you: “New life, new power, new revelation. It's time to plant your seeds. Plant your seeds so that your harvest will come.” And I hear the Lord saying get ready, because He's gonna bless you with the seeds to plant. “As you do that,” the Lord says, “you're going to see your harvest - not just your financial harvest, but your spiritual harvest and your emotional harvest.”


The Lord says, “I want to change the way you see yourself” because the Lord wants to bless you, and He wants to move for you. “Get ready, because I'm going to open up the door for you that is going to show you My love in new ways and in powerful ways, because this is a season of life. The enemy is trying to create death and cause depression, but I'm here to bring life, and to bring it to you more abundantly in everything you do.” …in Jesus’ Name, amen.


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