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Regular financial support from great people like you helps us carry out our mission from God, both around the world and here at home.


Spirit-led bonus gifts (a.k.a."one-time" gifts) also give us a boost!

We are looking for individuals and families to partner with us faithfully each month to help us touch people with the love, hope, and Spirit of God.


We also invite businesses, churches, and other sowers to make monthly charitable donations to support the work and vision of Soul Bait Ministries.

We send our faithful supporters a monthly Partner Letter to keep you updated and encouraged. We also pray for you often, and look forward to seeing you receive God's blessings here on earth, and your reward in heaven.

We praise the Lord for everything He sends us through you.

Whatever the amount, we are thankful for you, and bless you in Jesus Christ's Name.


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Thank You for Supporting Soul Bait Ministries!


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